The Passion Of The Crust

by Space Bong

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released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


FALSExIDOL Records Adelaide, Australia


FALSExIDOL Records is dedicated to releasing, touring and promoting DIY underground music from around the world. Our approach is holistic: we not only release music, we also organise tours and promote bands to fully express the essence of their music, philosophy and aesthetic. ... more

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Track Name: The Protocols Of Space Bong 1-12
Don't want to get in your face
But get the fuck out of mine
Nothing intelligent to say
All fist and no fucking brains
Ignorant Arrogant Inbred scum
So fucking sure of your way
Jaded as hell Free to cause you hell
I don't give a fuck

Urge to party and... KILL

For the Passion of the Crust

How many wars have Godless atheists started?
Is this just a rhetorical question?
Or can you give me a straight answer?
I challenge anyone with religious belief to take a fair share of responsibility for the crimes that have been committed in the name of their God, Share the blame
Colonialism, genocide, mass murder, rape
State terrorism have been carried out by people who believe in the same God, the same 'good news' as you
And yet you share no guilt

The flock gives you hope
Their apathy gives me even more reason to hate
Your cult Your God Your self-righteous words
Alcohol revelations
Dead bodies line the way Deceased conscience
Lead the way Lead the way Insane
Confused yet free Unburdened by ideology
Rhetoric, your diseased

For the Passion of the Crust
Track Name: Drink Ride Fuck
Hit the beer bongs before we hit the road
Revved up scum fucks getting pissed and stoned
Our bikes are here
The (Turbo)jugend's in
Mo Squad madness is ready to begin

Drink Ride Fuck

Sporting Exquisite denim
Party patrol's the message we are giving
Taste for fine cask wine
It's annihilation time

With excess toxins in our heads
We're living deathpunk till we're dead
Fucking free to live in sin
Drinks, drugs and denim

Space Bong pays respect to all the bands
Who actually take a fucking stand
Against the ignorance and insanity
Of fucking Christianity, but for now...
Freedom calls our tredly to the pub
Track Name: Scum Fucks Unite
Bored by categories of oppression
I'm just another piece of shit asking a question
Don't have a clue
Don't have a way
Only trying my best to survive day by day

Scum Fucks Unite

Can't help but think that you've lost the plot
Beat up on one another just to reach the top
Won't take the bait
Won't go away
Gonna fuck shit up just to have my say

Scum Fucks Unite

Coming from the underground
The whole worlds gone mad
Blow everything up It'd all be the same
Doing drugs to kill the mundane
Find comfort in a cesspool of shit
Dead to this world
We don't exist
A lost generation of trash

There comes a time when there's no peace ti be kept
Every avenue of compromise is exhausted Dead as dead
Kept my cool till the end There's nothing but rage left
Alive or dead you're gonna go away broken humiliated

Can't help if I kill this plague that stands in my way
Do what I do Say what I say I've had enough for today
Get out of the way
Armed to the teeth with attitude
Can't help if I kill
When you're dead that's the end...
I'm chill
Track Name: Fistfuck For Freedom
Fist fuck for freedom
Take this you fucking thieves
For freedom

with each passing day my fist prepares for the ultimate pay back
We're all bent over
Beaten Raped Silenced
Pleasure in sadistic torture
Propped as human cattle
In the market place of Sodom
sold off as pawns Drones we've become
Inserted one too many times
With the same old lines
Profit margin my arse for the last time

For freedom
Take this your fucking thieves
For freedom

One on one fist fuck right to the top
Right to the top
One by one inserted up your bum
Up your bum

Fist fuck for freedom
Take this you fucking thieves
For freedom

Fist fuck
Track Name: Fuck The Plot
Fuck the plot
Conspire to deny
Dumb shit die
Commit your life to genocide
Track Name: This Ain't Friday Night Football
Sat back and watched them play their games for too long now
Time we spoke up Take back our shows from the fascist clowns
Do they feel like men
Flexing their muscles between songs
Hitting kids trying to dance
when did punk become a gym?

This ain't Friday night football
Just coz it's a new place to score

There's enough macho bullshit in the real world
For just a few moments I'd like to feel in control of myself
Without a knuckle head jock
Trying to knock me out
Knock me out
You take away the fun So there's the door

This ain't Friday night football
Just coz it's a new place to score

Right shirt Right show
Doesn't mean you have a clue
Play us for fools but we see through
With your fake ideals and fascist crews
We keep a close eye
On all the fucked up shit you do

This ain't Friday night football
Just coz it's a new place to score
Track Name: Time To Die, Boy!
With the barrel of a shotgun
Pointed at your eye
It's time to die

I've had a hard night on the wine
Every fucking cunt I see I want to die

Can't keep my head space clean
Of toxins for too long
The urge to kill its too strong
It's an overwhelming feeling
I have inside
Not gonna try to hide
Don't care for you Don't care why

Pissed off enough not to care
Embrace this alcoholic nightmare
Anything to kill this hateful affliction
Drink the juice
Clutch onto the destruction
Take your medicine
Hate turns to despair

Wake up I want to fucking kill Scum
Take my fist
And shove it down your throat
Gutless piece of shit
Rip out your voice box
Fucking cunt
You can't talk

Forced to concede this bullshit reality that I'm never free
Deal with your shit fucking brain dead prick
Power tripping dick
I'm so fucking over it

One day to live Who to kill
Wipe away another
Primordial jock motherfucker
Track Name: The Protocols Of Space Bong 13-24
Impossible to judge what is right and wrong anymore
A failing existence
A seekers pain grows
change with a phase so unsure
Way to waste away
Or a life in flux
Expressed in extremes
You're on your knees
Looking on as others find comfort in stagnation

Fuck Them for Sure

If this is it I declare a rejection of all certainty
Nihilistic despair
A humbled vision shines no light on why we are here
I can't see to believe
Can this absurd reality get anymore fruitless?
Walls that pull us down
I dare you to take me on
Cowardice sheltered
By shadowy claims

Failing existence
Nihilistic despair

Fuck Them for Sure