The Death Of Utopia

by Space Bong

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released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


FALSExIDOL Records Adelaide, Australia


FALSExIDOL Records is dedicated to releasing, touring and promoting DIY underground music from around the world. Our approach is holistic: we not only release music, we also organise tours and promote bands to fully express the essence of their music, philosophy and aesthetic. ... more

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Track Name: (Intro) Utopia
From within the darkness roams
Terror being suffering
In search of a place to grow
Curse and cure
Friend and foe
This thing that isn't me
Grotesque obscene

A ghost without shape or form
Molest in vain
The bleeding can't stop
Docile lamb flocks

We're all dead
A scene of slaughter
Les gehts fuck
Graveyard of misplaced hope
Dreams of Utopia die
Grotesque obscene

Broken/ I see myself as scum/ Worthy once
Now embroiled in futility/ Allies of enemies merge as one vague memory
Rebel, feel the cause and effect
A death wish to share/ Eat up little ones
Regurgitate the uprising shit/ Rhetoric without the gloss
I am you/ I hate you/ We are at war

Live by the sword/ Die by your word/ Whispers amplified to screams
When the numbers count/ No moral man will hear/ Deaf do us part
Crawl into a hole of meaningless disgrace/ Whose words?
I don't know/ When the voice you hear is the voice of a stranger

The black flag has been bleached/ Surrender
Blood-stained our colour turns to red
As one you drop into the abyss
One step ahead or behind
I leave you to stand in line

We're all dead
Les gehts fuck

When the light begins to fade
As the harsh coldness of life
Is revealed
Hope that once carried the soul
The days are numb
The nights aren't there
And I don't care anymore


Pull the trigger
Oppress this mind
The Lie eradicated

And I don't care anymore
We're dead
Track Name: Death Knell (The New Death)
Piss up against the Wall
This world's about to fall
Care not for the living
Don't give a damn for the dead
What we call life is in our heads
A curiosity of consciousness that leads for fucking nowhere

Sweating out disease of will
No drug seems to fulfil
I've tried screaming black
I've tried smashing through the cracks
But everyday I try won't take me back
The long road lost when I forgot where I was
Another dark night in the mould

Now it's coming down

One thought
One drink
One cell to release a million fears
In the realm of the meek of it all means nothing

One word
One fuck
One friend pushed too far
Take another swing
Beneath the crazed gun on the fake skin, you're the trend

Can't hope for happiness
Don't ant your forgiveness
Take what's mine
Leave it all behind
Get on with life
Gonna fuck up till I die

Till I die I'm on my knees begging to be sexually relieved

Society in collapse, the final party is now to be had
Drink away all regrets while the life-blood still flows

Pass out in the street of blackened maybes
The junction splits into infinite possibilities

But our journey has come to an abrupt end
Welcome, welcome one and all to the death kneel

Death Kneel

Take me away with the flood of the end days
Sweep into chaos as a child raised today
To scared to breath to scared to even be
The exit blocked by corpses drenched in piss
A ditch of shit too good for us to rest
Weeds grow over what was once so beautiful
Sympathy lost till I find where I put my drink
One for none and none for fuck you all
Track Name: Master/Slave (All The Rage)
Disgust settles in the pit of my soul
As mud settles in the bottom of an abandoned swamp
The water is clear
Yet the dirt remains
Thicker than ever
Waiting for another gagged and bound
Corpse to shatter the piece of mind
Bating unique marks of its torturer
The body sufferers even in death
Necrophiliacs resurrect

Our world/Your world
Sick world
Rape In/Out
While the silent lay awake

Pathetic ego
Of the Other/ Self
While the blind lead the way

Master- Take my will I want to no more- enslave the human race
Words- Persuade my other half to deny- disguise dystopia
Hope- With the end in sight one hide- is no more
Soul-my faithful companion in deceit- rotten to the core
Hope- Bury myself in the void of lies- is no more
Track Name: The Black Wall
I've tried so hard- Feel the cold
To be this thing- Embrace my soul
Every step to the depths- Accept this fate

Angry at all but one- Streams of thought
Anonymous hidden- Take me in circles
i am the eternal nothing- Cleansed of all difference

Scream at a black wall
Echoes resound
The voices- Unknown

I've heard these calls before
Not their own

Scream at a black wall
Echoes resound
The voices- Unknown

Meaning stripped bare
Nowhere is home
Only alone

Severe bonds
Contact death
Friendship false
Dog eat dog
Eat my fucking shit
Take this
The candle burned out long ago
I'm gone

Yet beneath all the hate
There are a few that make
Life something than rather nothing
But only a few...

This dark age can't take away what has always been the same
Our scent Our soul Our Deathpunk fucking hell
We hurt because we love We think because we feel
I'd rather die than live in your world