Deadwood To Worms

by Space Bong

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After many years of rehab, isolation and living off-grid, the lumbering doom/drone beast of Space Bong has awakened to unleash their long awaited follow up to 2009’s ‘The Death of Utopia’.

'Deadwood To Worms' showcases the evolution of Space Bong’s intense and focused form of doom, incorporating elements of sludge, black metal, stoner rock and darkest drone.

This is a doom record that transcends all that has come before it, seething with a bitter nihilism that longs for meaning and resolution in a world of violent chaos and urban decay.

For fans of: EYEHATEGOD, Thou, Corrupted, Primitive Man and Sunn O))).


released October 20, 2015

Space Bong was: Dave Michael Jamie Jock Cheese & Kegan.
Space Bong is: Dave Michael Jamie Gully Monster-D & Kegan.

Recorded by Jimmy Balderston at Capitalsound Studio.
Mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio.

Thanks to Lachlan & Art As Catharsis/ Liam & Capital Waste Pictures/ Alex & Happy618/ Steve & Scumfest/ Anca & HCS Family Crew/ Mat Hede & Take Heed Designs/ Dave & Life Is Noise/ Rob & Heathen Skulls/ Horsehunter/ Tombsealer/ Drowning Horse/ Whitehorse/ Hydromedusa/ Swamp Lung/ Iron Worzel/ Crypt/ everyone that’s supported us over these last eight years despite abuse, mental illness, laziness and utter contempt for others.

O))h and thanks to the one, indivisible, eternal Drone for the endless suffering and joy.

This album is dedicated to Chrisfits.



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Track Name: Slow Spring
Like a rabid song in a slow spring
We scream love and hate but get all, the still
Of your dark cold eyes as night fades into the sunrise
A new dawn answers me
Gently with the fatigue of sleep
A new dawn answers me

With a mourning of soft white violence
Blind tongues denounce black figures
Too twisted, awe struck by loneliness
Manic with disease in fear of seasons change

We are Non
There is no more life to torture for love and hates sake
Shadows of the fall give over to winters solemn embrace

Dark clouds drift away
Yet spring rises in vain
To thaw the river that dries in the end

Then the silence stays forever
Life is a drone
Life is no more
If I was anything
I’m not that being
The still is now
Will always be

Too blind to stare down the well
That gives rise to the wise and wicked
Descend into a blackened nightmare
Of groans coming from nowhere

We fuck away from the dead and dying
To lust for a shade of grey
Each in our darkened hovel
Too scared to face the light of day

Life is a drone
Track Name: Burnt By Time
Kept on lies
Yet to be baptised
Fire, flame, far away

Dance with the light ever so slowly
It burns out
Exhausted with haste
Stand in the dark, naked, stained

Pathetic in rest
Slow, harsh, wrecked
In a flicker we disappear
Ashes scattered to the dust

Burnt by time
Not by you
Burnt by time
Never again
Burnt by time

The last but one
The last caress
The final touch
The final death
Raise this seed to
Your despair
Before I…

Tripping to find the exit, the escape now
A new generation of men abhorred, shattered, disgraced

I may be burnt by time
But I’ll never be hurt by you again
A new low with the rising sun
Left for dead bar none

Burnt by time
Not by you
Burnt by time
Never again
Fuck yeah
Burnt by time
Track Name: Deadwood To Worms
No out

Focus mind on the process of bodily decay
Pass over fluids that poison the brain, I’m away
Blackness cast by shadows of trees never seen, serene
Walk with blind inner peace, serene

Murder owls scream omens that we’ll never heed
For it cannot see the sun outside of this bleak canopy
Barefoot in the mud
Free in a lame mans serenity

When i die take what is dead
Through the slugs I survive

No Out

Rise again in humbler form
Give life back to the dirt
Nothing but deadwood for the worms
And I am an ignorant fool
Take thought away

No out

The only hope of renewal
Lower me into the ground
Return to dust

While in this being I serve no worth
A cancer nay a beauty mark on the face of Gaia
Unmask nature’s beast as he hurtles into entropy
Fuck to breed
Live to destroy
From a corpse inhale the archaic breath
Darkness is life’s tone

Climax in a state of decline
This is systematic collapse
The end is nigh

Grip tight to me in the sinking sand
Living, praying, dying
We all turn to powder in the end
Living, praying, dying
Overlooked by agelessness
Living, praying, dying
Aeons pass as if we were never here
Living, praying, dying
Like children in a graveyard
Living, praying, dying
We forgot our pains
Living, praying, dying
Not knowing what it was to live
Living, praying, dying
Numb for the day, the nights were cursed

Always repent after the storm

Ruins cleansed of sin forever

Visions went and went and never came again
Till we were lying still too afraid to stir
The still is all
Track Name: High Priests And Petty Thieves
A new dawn will rise
The new dawn will rise to claim you

A new dawn of petty thieves
And high priests that pain to please
The stench of scum travels with the sun
In the heat, fulfil this new doctrine
To lust, to drink, to fuck & bleed
Possessed to dance to the junkies beat
Survive & die for the good times
To live in health is to live in vein

This way, how it became?
Take my hand so I can lead you away
Trust not what we could be
Surrender all to this dismal beast
We rise, fuck

Love my fellow man if you can keep up the scam
Another round of fake ass smiles, hell yeah
Brethren in drink when the streets are bare
And there’s no soft flesh that cares
For we are men in an age that doesn’t know when
To stop, to take stock of what we have left
Give me breath, I’ll give you cheek and charm
The worship of false idols our common ground

This way, how it became?
Take my hand so I can lead you away
Carnival of debauched hypocrisy
Each to their own ritual of doom
We shall fall

Drift slowly down to the dark core
Nothing and all
Archetype of hell
In our own

We rise
From the dirt
We shall fall
Back to the worms

We rise
From the mind
We shall fall
Back to the void

We rise
From the womb
We shall fall
Back to her embrace

We rise
From the sun
We fall

Not dead
There’s blood on my hands
As we rise
So we shall fall
Deeper to the dawn

Evil fuck
Tread light on the graveyard path
As we rise
So we shall fall
Deeper to the dawn
Rising to the sun

Hallucinate with every fucking mistake
Awake too late
As we rise
So we shall fall
To our deeper selves

Empty bed
Discarded bottles
Shattered blame
Take me away
As we rise
So we shall fall
To our deeper selves
Deeper to the earth

I’m not fucking dead yet
As we shine
So we shall fade
Deeper to the day

Relapse into bliss between samsara
Rising to the OM

As we shine
We shall fade
We rise
Fuck yeah

We’re still thieves and lying priests
Walking corpses who live what we mean
As the days grow cold and out hearts deform
I regret none except what wasn’t done

This way, how it became?
Take my hand so I can lead you away
Sorrow sinks in like it has before
Given a vessel to express itself
Take nothing but flesh and bone to the grave
Because in the end
All the high priests and petty thieves dwell in hell…
It gives
It fucks you...
Then it takes you away